A complete relaxing: Sensual Yoni Massage for Women

YONI is Literally meaning “sacred space or temple”. In Tantra, the vagina is the worshipped sacred part of the female body, which must be treated with care and respect. The Yoni massage is a sensuous form of bodywork that can build trust between me and you as well as connect you to their inner sensual nature resulting in a feeling of complete well-being, satisfaction, and contentment.

Although the Yoni massage can be extremely stimulating, the purpose is not to bring you to orgasm. Rather, it is to relax you and to bring emotions to the surface so that you are free to express your natural, powerful, orgasmic nature. The experiences and feelings that you may have during the yoni massage can be very different, ranging from anger, lust, sadness, or even indifference. Everything is possible and everything is allowed. The yoni massage is not about focusing on a special kind of feeling or fulfilling a particular expectation. The idea is simply to witness you and to honor and respect your feminine nature as a divine Goddess.

Before beginning the massage, you should gaze into each other’s eyes while embracing and engaging in deep, relaxed, synchronized breathing. By doing this, you connect on a deep level, creating openness and the ground on which the yoni massage will grow. You should remember to keep breathing deeply, slowly, and with relaxation during the entire process.

When you are both ready to begin the massage, I will lie you back with one pillow under your head and another under your hips to elevate your pelvis. You bends your knees and opens your legs to expose your Yoni. I will sit comfortably between your legs with my legs crossed. Sometimes I may sit on a pillow or cushion to access your Yoni.

I will begin by massaging other parts of your body to encourage you to relax, start taking deeper breaths, and relax the muscles. Gently, but firmly, I will massage your legs, thighs, stomach, breasts and your arms before venturing toward your Yoni. Next, I do massage your pubic bone area and then move down to the inner thigh area. With my right hand, I will apply a high-quality oil or lubricant to the mound of your Yoni, pouring just enough so that it drips down to your outer lips and covers the outside of your Yoni.

I will gently rub with oil on the outer lips of the Yoni. With the thumb and index finger, I will gently squeeze each lip, sliding the fingers up and down to the entire length of each lip. Then, I will repeat this process with each inner lip of the vagina varying the pressure and speed of touch based on what feels right.

Next, I gently stroke the clitoris in a circular motion, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Then, I will squeeze your clitoris between my thumb and index finger. Next, slowly and with great care, I will insert my middle finger into your Yoni. Very gently explore and massage the inside of your Yoni with my finger. Varying the speed and depth of my finger, you can feel inside your Yoni up, down and around. With my palm pointing upward and my finger inside your Yoni, I will bend my finger to make contact with your G-spot, known as the “sacred spot” in Tantra.

I will continue the massage, trying different speeds, pressures and motions. You keep breathing and gazing into my eyes. You may have powerful emotions come up and feel like crying, or burst out laughing. This is simply blocked energy being freed and is very healing. Just keep breathing as my massage continues. If orgasm occurs, continue breathing. Don’t hold back, yell, scream, release the energy and emotions. This is your safe healing time. And remember that breathing is very important to continually move the energy throughout the body. This also enhances the healing aspect of the yoni massage. More orgasms may occur, each gaining in intensity. In Tantra this is called “riding the wave.” You can learn how to be multi-orgasmic with the Yoni massage and a patient, caring partner.

I will keep massaging until you tell me to stop. Very slowly, gently, and mindfully, I will remove my hands. The Yoni massage creates a space for a you to relax, and enter a state of high arousal and experience much pleasure from your Yoni. Allow you to just lie there, perhaps covering you with a blanket making a warm cocoon around your body, and letting you to enjoy the afterglow of the Yoni massage. This is a profound time of great peace as you experience the joy of being a witness to this special moment. Thank you.

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