Body to Body Massage

Body to body massage is a magical practice in which the massage giver delivers their own body’s warmth and energy to the massage recipient. It is a highly sensual activity that can relieve anxiety and stress and allows the mind and body to better access the natural healing and energy sources that reside in all of us. Body to body massage is a long known tantric practice and is employed to release and renew sexual and spiritual energy. Body to body massage benefits both partners and while it is highly erotic, should not be thought of solely as a sexual activity.

Those that practice body to body massage techniques often practice complimentary holistic healing techniques such as Chakra healing, Reiki energy and polarity balancing. These arts are often employed during a session to help the body renew its natural flow of energy. In tantric teaching the energy source of the body is found in the Kundalini, located at the base of the spine in the sacrum. A body to body session helps release this energy and can be a path to greater creativity and mental and physical health.

Body to body massage can be performed by either gender, performed by a therapist or partner. The benefits of body to body work are beneficial to both men and women. For partners interested in providing each other with a body to body session, many books and how-to DVDs are available, along with tips and videos provided online. The techniques in this type of massage vary, so explore different providers to see which methods are most enjoyable and provide the most lasting benefits.

Sessions are done in a variety of settings, from in-home or hotel room, or at a dedicated studio or spa. If one is responsible for setting up their own space for a body to body session there are a few things to consider. First, make sure the temperature of the room is comfortable. Body to body work requires skin to skin contact and rooms that at first appear comfortable can feel cold after a while. It is good practice to raise the thermostat temperature a few degrees to accommodate. The mood should be subdued and relaxed, so the lights should be low or candles used to light the space. Scented candles can enhance the mood too. The therapist will generally supply their own oils, but if doing a body to body massage with a partner, be sure to choose a high quality massage oil. These oils also come in a variety of aromas that can aid in relaxation and healing. Citrus scents, patchouli and lavender are popular choices.

Most body to body massage sessions generally start with a traditional back and shoulder massage. This is to ease into things and begin to build a bond of trust between giver and receiver. It is important that the massage recipient feel completely comfortable, so be sure to establish boundary guidelines and communicate with feedback often. In addition to back and shoulder massage, the scalp is often vigorously rubbed with the fingertips and fingernails. The ears and earlobes are also gently pinched and massaged. This stimulates blood flow to the Crown Chakra and helps free the mind of unwanted or negative thoughts and emotions. Skilled and sensitive body to body massage therapists will instinctively know when the client is ready for the next stage and open to more erotic stimulation. To facilitate this readiness, often a light and tender massage of the bottom and inner thighs is performed. Again, be forthcoming with feedback and direct the massage givers’ pressure to the desired level.

Next comes the actual body to body phase, with the masseuse using the breasts and shoulders (or the chest and shoulders for a male masseur) to gently caress the body. Skin to skin contact transfers the warmth and sensual energy from the giver to the receiver and helps to relieve pent up stress and anxiety. Often arousal occurs and this is to be expected and welcomed. Body to body work is an erotic exercise and one should not be afraid or embarrassed by the body’s response to stimulation. Arousal is a sign that the magical energy stored in the Kundalini is being accessed. Enjoy the moment.

The front of the body is the next focus, so the massage recipient will turn over and settle again into a relaxed state as the body to body massage continues. While the breasts/chests are run over the front of the body, often the therapist will use their hands to lightly pinch certain areas of the body. This contrast between the gently brush of flesh and firmer squeeze of intimate areas is a unique experience that transcends any traditional massage.

If agreed upon in advance, the next phase of the body to body massage session may be a focus on the genitals to facilitate the final release of the energy of the Kundalini. The area associated with the Svadhisthana Chakra is gently but firmly rubbed to encourage blood flow from the upper to lower body. Next a yoni (vagina) or lingam (penis) massage may be used to bring the receiver to the brink. While an orgasm may occur, this is not always the end result. Communication is key as not all people are ready to experience the intensity of a Kundalini release during their first session.

Whatever the agreed upon outcome, the result of the body to body massage session will be renewed vitality and energy. Be sure not rush from the session, but instead lay quietly for a while to meditate on the experience and stay in the moment for as long as possible.

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