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It is a fantastic experience to get just an erotic massage. It definitely helps in relaxing and calming you and can be the perfect end of a bad day. You will find a host of different massages out there but only few of them are as good as the City erotic massages. This is a very good massage for you as it allows you to find erogenous zones by making use of different principles used in the legend of Kamsutra and tantric massage. The erotic massage aims at finding the various pleasure providing zones in your body. Now remember, we are not talking about the illegal massage parlors that can be found in different cities of the world. The Asian erotic massage does not have sex as a part of the package. However, this sexy massage can aid you in relaxing as no other massage possibly can.

You will find a huge range of books on erotic or sensual massage in the bookstores and on internet. The history of nude massage goes back centuries and the roots can be found in China where the massage technique was used as a holistic medicinal practice. The Chinese and other Southeast Asians considered the body spiritually and one way of rejuvenating the life force inside your body is by touching the different areas of body where the life force is at its highest. Obviously, these areas are also sexually sensitive areas and as a result, the Asian erotic massage was created. This erotic massage is quite similar to the tantric massage in the sense that it helps in putting you into a trance, which is extremely relaxing. Some people actually drift into sleep or a go into a stage close to sleep where they can feel what is going on around them but they have reached another level of spirituality. The famous Kamsutra also worked on these principles, letting people achieve sexual ecstasy and at the same time raising their spiritual levels.

Like many things coming from Asia, the Asian erotic massage comes with more than just another massage. The sexy massage is a spiritual experience and helps you in reaching another plane of living. This massage can be used to get closer to your partner as well. You must undergo this experience to believe.

The main advantages of undergoing erotic massage In are these:

The massage is a way to explore creative and new ways of achieving pleasure.
It enhances the intimacy with your partner by using eye contact, touch and connected breathing.
A conscious connection is created between the receiver and the provider.
The massage wakes up activities and senses for a whole body healing.
The feeling of being separate from each other is driven away and oneness between the two partners emerges.
The technique makes use of sound, movement and breath to create a complete body orgasm.
While giving the erotic massage, first decide the provider and the receiver. Ask the receiver to lie face down on the table on top of a blanket. Make sure that the blanket is comfortable and warm. Attune yourself with the receiver. Start by stroking the skin with feathers or your fingertips. Now, cover the body with warm oil and start massaging with slow strokes. Encourage the receivers to take deep breaths and move their body accompanied by making sounds. This allows energy flow in the body of the receiver. Be playful and curious and use different parts of your own body like chest, arms and hair for providing body-to-body massage to the partner. Ask the receiver to roll over about half way through the time permitted. Now massage the front side of the body using the same method and try to make sounds while doing it.

Offer to massage the genitals when your partner is ready. Apply the oil and go slow at start. This allows the partner to release tensions in that area. Watch them get sexually aroused and concentrate on things that provide them maximum pleasure…

Erotic Massage, Sexy Massage and Sexual Massage

An erotic massage is a wonderful gift you can both give and receive. Erotic massage is designed to provide a sensual and stimulating experience during the actual session, but to also relieve tension and open up the body to more creativity and energy. Erotic massage therapists often employ Tantric techniques, based on ancient and sacred practices of sexual and spiritual awakening. Erotic massage is important to one’s physical and mental well-being, so should not be thought of as a purely sexual activity.

Erotic massage therapists are often skilled in many holistic healing and energy disciplines, such as the previously mentioned Tantric arts, but also Reiki healing, polarity and Chakra clearing and healing. An erotic massage session involves the whole body, but the focus is on the core area of the body. This is where the Kundalini resides and stimulating and releasing the energy residing here is one of the main goals of erotic massage. Kundalini literally means “coiled” in the ancient Sanskrit, but it is often described as the energy of desire that is located in the sacrum area of the body. Releasing this energy during a massage session is a powerful experience and can help tap the receiver’s innate creativity and physical and mental strength.

Receiving an erotic massage in can be done by either a therapist or partner and beneficial to either sex. Therapists can often be found online or in the phone directory. If the desire is to learn how to give an erotic massage, there are many how-to books and videos, as well as guides and tips online. The unique thing about erotic massage is that there is no one set technique that is universally employed. This can make receiving an erotic massage a fun adventure and it is worthwhile to seek out multiple therapists to experience the wide range of techniques used.

The session can be performed in a number of different settings, from the home, a hotel room or at the therapist’s office or location of choice. If receiving an erotic massage at home, be sure to set up the right atmosphere. The temperature should be on the warmer side and the lights low. Light music adds to the relaxing environment. A hot bath before the session is also good as it loosens the body and makes it more receptive to touch and stimulation. Oil is used to make the rubbing and kneading of the body more comfortable. Scented oils add to the experience and can provide healing if using aromatherapy scents. Citrus, patchouli and lavender are natural relaxants, while peppermint, cinnamon and cucumber can be stimulating. Many other scents are available depending on one’s preference. It should be decided beforehand what types of aromas, if any, should be used.

The beginning of an erotic massage session will begin with the upper back and shoulders. Warmed oil is applied and gentle kneading and massage will begin. It is important that the person receiving the massage feel comfortable, so this beginning phase helps establish comfort and trust between the partners or therapist and client. Skilled practitioners of erotic massage will instinctively know and feel when the body begins to relax and be receptive to more sensual stimulation. At this point the person giving the message will begin focusing on the lower back, bottom and inner thighs. This is the area where two important Chakras reside: the Muladhara and Svadhisthana. Whether you firmly believe in Chakra clearing or not, this is an area that stores stress and tension and focus on this region is always beneficial.

Often a light touch is first employed with the fingertips being used to lightly glide over the skin. The alternating of light and heavy pressure gets blood flowing to stimulate a state of sensuality and eroticism. Make sure you talk and give feedback to the person giving the massage. The experience should be pleasurable and if there are techniques not to one’s liking it is important that the therapist or partner know so they can change what they are doing. This phase will often lead to some feelings of arousal. This is okay and is part of the experience.

Another technique often used in the session is a body to body massage. This involves the masseuse or masseur using the breasts/chest and arms to glide slowly and rhythmically over the back, bottom and legs. The purpose of body to body contact is to impart physical warmth and spiritual energy from the therapist or partner to the person receiving the massage. This results in a flushing or pulsing of the body and these physical feelings are a sign that the body is clearing and unblocking tension, anxiety and that the energy stored in the sacrum is beginning to be unleashed.

The next phase of the session will focus on the front of the body – the chest, pelvis and thighs ? so the person will be asked to roll over on their back. Body to body massage continues and the therapist’s hands are also often used to lightly pinch certain areas or use the fingernails to lightly scratch the skin. At this point arousal is expected, but if there is any aspect of massage that is uncomfortable, speak up immediately. Erotic massage is not enjoyable if one is fidgety, nervous or anxious.

The culmination of an erotic massage is the phase in which a final exhilarating burst of energy is experienced. This energy release is the key to the longer term benefits of erotic massage. At this point the massage will generally focus directly on the genitals. This begins with a light but firm rubbing of the pubic bone area. This is the location of the Svadhisthana Chakra and facilitates blood flow from the upper body to pelvic region. Direct massage of the penis and vagina is next, often with the therapist employing more body to body techniques.

In either case, the result of this direct touch does not have to be orgasm and often the skilled therapist will bring the client near climax and then back off. This is meant to open up and focus energy and will really get the blood flowing to release pent up stress and tension. Again, communicate with the person giving the massage so the desired end result is clear. This is important because many people may not feel comfortable with the full intensity and pleasure the release of the Kundalini can have.

Regardless of the intensity of this phase, the flush and energy rush the person receiving the massage experiences is truly memorable. Be sure to take a moment after the session to bask in the glow and revel in peace and tranquility.

Let us give your day a happy ending!
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