Frequently asked questions

I had never heard of a “yoni massage” before! Is this new to Singapore?

Its is the first completely safe, professional sensual massage service for women in Singapore. In general you may hear ladies call it a “Yoni Massage” or “Happy Ending Massage for Women.” Why should men have all the fun, right?

 Traditionally, Yoni Massage has roots in Tantra which is spiritual practice that uses mindfulness and sex to raise conciousness. I don’t focus on spirituality and instead focus on emotional and physical connection and giving you a mind-blowing massage. 

 Can I use my home instead of a hotel?

Yes, I am happy to come out to your condo or private house. For your first massage, I suggest you to book a hotel. 

 Who pays for the hotel room?

The hotel room booking is part of your responsibility so feel free to select your favorite hotel or ask me for a recommendation near you.

 How long is a massage?

For the first time, you can expect 2 hours of hands-on massage time plus 30 to 45 minutes of warm-up body massage. I take is slow – I understand you’ll be a little nervous your first time – because I want you to be completely relaxed and comfortable. You can extend your session duration is optional. Door-to-door you’ll be with me close to 3 hours and above. 

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees and extra charges for any additional requests.

 What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash in SGD or USD.

 My wife/girlfriend is having a massage. Can I watch?

I find an audience makes it harder for ladies to relax and express their sensual sides so we prefer massaging one-on-one in private. However, some women may want their BF by their side – I am OK with that as long as you:
(1) stay fully clothed
(2) keep your phones and cameras turned off
(3) watch quietly (no touching, conversing, interfering)

 After the massage, couples tell us they have the best sex in years.

Do you have a location I can visit for a massage?

I only do outcalls to hotels or – if you’re a returning lady – your condo or private house.

 What is squirting?

Squirting is an important, sacred milestone in every lady’s sexual life. Many women report having the strongest orgasms of their lives while squirting for the first time.

 It is an emotionally-intense expulsion of fluid from the bladder through the urethra. It sounds like peeing but, don’t worry, the fluid is quite different. I can help you learn to squirt by giving you a particular type of g-spot massage.

 I haven’t squirted before, do you think you can help me do it?

Most ladies are able to squirt with me during their first session. However, you may take 2 or 3 sessions to relax into the unfamiliar sensations. What I can promise is – if you want to experience squirting – I can help you try.

 Will you get naked during the massage?

I always follow your request. You have choices of with cloth or without.

 Is there sex involved?

I will only be using my hands so, no, there is no sex involved.

 What if I want to have sex?

I’ll stay professional.

 Can I see your face before the massage?

Sorry, I don’t provide pictures of me but all of my ladies so far have been pleasantly surprised.