Tantric Massage

Tantra is a complete life philosophy, which includes various beliefs and practices, and aims at properly channeling the divine energy within the human body. The followers could aim at achieving many goals, which could be both material and spiritual and mastering most of the Tantric methods and the various techniques could take many years, but the result is spiritual powers and complete control over one’s being. Breathing techniques, Yoga postures, gestures, mantras, and medication are often used by the Tantric aspirants, and so is massage.

What is Tantric massage?

The Tantric massage is a sensual massage, which is typically combined with a number of breathing exercises and which aims at achieving harmony, arousal the senses, and proper channeling of the sexual energy. Unlike the traditional Western massage, there are no barred zones and the whole body is touched during the sessions; the sessions could be also tailored according to the receiver’s preferences, and include sexual healing as well. The benefits of the Tantric massage are many and most of the receivers could expect to feel relaxed, invigorated, and completely recharged after a session. The inclusion of scented oils, soft music, candles, and feathers, combined with the soft and sensual touch of a Goddess makes this full-body naked massage a unique and powerful experience. The sessions are offered to men, women, and couples, and some of them could address certain sexual dysfunctions or teach partners how to please each other better. They can help men and women become better lovers or introduce them to the world of Tantra, teach them various massage techniques, and show them new and exciting ways to please their better halves.

What should you expect during a Tantric massage?

On a very practical level, the Tantric massage is a sensual, naked body massage, which is very relaxing and enjoyable. A session normally starts with a few breathing exercises, which allow the giver and the receiver to bond, then continues with soft and sensual touching, and could include Lingam or Yoni massage. Being aroused during the massages is perfectly normal and the sessions help the receiver channel his or her sexual energy in the best possible way. In order to derive the full benefits of a Tantric massage, you should discuss your needs and expectations with the therapist in advance.

Healing Tantra

Healing Tantra – the massage sessions could be used to heal too and help men and women treat certain disorders and health conditions. The massages are especially beneficial to men, who suffer from premature ejaculation since they can help them gain better control over their ejaculation and show them, in a practical way, how to increase the time to ejaculation. Women with traumatic experiences and the ones that have difficulties “letting go” and enjoying sex completely, could also find the Tantric massage extremely helpful. Couples with intimacy or sexual problems can ask the therapists for private sessions, where they could openly discuss their issues, learn more about each other’s and their own bodies, and discover new ways to rekindle their physical and spiritual relationship.

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