What is tantric massage ?


Similar with Tantra practices there are a lot of different opinions on what it actually is and what all it entails. I feel the main misconception is that it is only a light sensual massage with a happy ending or a massage with intercourse. There is no intercourse in Tantric Massage. A Tantric Massage is a tool for preparation of personal growth, spiritual growth, other Tantric practices, intercourse with your partner or self pleasuring. A true Tantra Practitioner will involve all of your senses working with your chakras, sexual energy, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. I feel there is even more. The purpose of my massage sessions is to open all the pathways, joints, energy centers so the blood and energy in the body can flow freely. This allow you to orgasm more easily and more intensely. One of the main reasons is the sexual energy (Kundalini) you build does not release outwardly if everything is not open and relaxed. The Kundalini energy should run up your spine, through all the chakras and fills your entire body. This is what is call a full body orgasm and can leave you feeling tingling, energetic and euphoric for hours, days and even weeks. Those who just do a light sensual massage and focus on making you orgasm at the end of the massage are not doing real Tantra and you are left with only a local orgasm and not full body orgasm. You may often reach orgasm during a Tantric Massage but that is not the goal. Sometimes people have deep emotional releases, cry, have anger, rage, fear or feelings of being a victim come up. All of these emotions cause blockages that keep us from experiencing higher levels of pleasure in our bodies and bliss in our lives. We also want to relax and open the chest so one can have proper deep breathing. The hips, pelvis, and sacrum need to be released and open so the hips and low back can move freely allowing blood, nerve and energy to flow to the genitals. This will allow everything to function properly and have more sensitivity. The massage should have both firm therapeutic and soft sensual massage techniques throughout, not just soft and sensual. You need the firm therapeutic and deep massage to truly relax the muscles, open the joints and move the circulation. It is the only way to effectively open the joints and all areas of the body. I feel the best Tantric Massage is a combination of therapeutic, energy (acupressure, Chakras, crystals and other sytles of energy works) and soft sensual massage techniques.


I start the massage session with Aroma Therapy. This awakens your senses with either cool and soothing oils or warm and invigorating oils depending on your needs. I begin massaging the face and head before I have any oil on my hands. Next I work on the neck and shoulders opening circulation to your upper body, neck head and higher chakras. This combined with over 100 acupressure points just on the face and head have an incredible calming effect on the mind and entire body. This also brings rejuvenation and a renewal to your face and mind with the improved circulation. Then I move to the arms releasing all the physical and emotional tension that is built up in our hands and arms. Now I move onto the chest with more Aroma Therapy, massage, acupressure, and chakra work, allowing you to take slow deep breaths opening and healing the heart chakra. This is where we begin to work with your sexual energy from a place of love and open heart. Next, moving down to the waist so the abdomen is relaxed. A relaxed abdomen allows your breath to extend downward circulating the energy and blood freely through the waist to the groin. We work with breathing and slowly building your sexual energy and circulating it through your chakras and body. I continue down the body to the front of the pelvis and legs opening up the circulation and sensations of the entire front of the body. Now, I have you turn over working on your back relaxing and opening the neck, shoulders, spine and sacrum with additional techniques on the sacrum and low back for awakening the Kundalini. Next, I move down to your butt and back of legs moving the energy and circulation down to your feet and back up again. This is followed by more massage on the back and integrating the back and back of legs with long full body strokes and building your sexual energy again. Finally for the back of the body I use light finger tip stimulation all over your entire back of your body, building your sensitivity, energy and awareness while you are using the breathing techniques again. Then I have you turn over once again so you are face up and I continue with the light finger tip stimulation on the entire front of your body while you continue to do Tantric Breathing. Finally we do the Yoni Massage and Anal Massage ( If you are comfortable with anal massage and stimulation) to finish building the sexual and Kundalini energy until it climaxes into releasing up through your spine, all of your chakras and filling your entire body with raw and powerful orgasmic energy!


In my 2 hour session I add either some Thai stretching to more effectively open to low back, spine, hips, and pelvis, nude body to body massage for increase sensual stimulation and Kundalini awakening, or Lymphatic Drainage to increase circulation, breast, genital, immune and over all health. I clean and balance my chakras before starting the massage and use my chakras to further open and align your chakras and build the sexual energy. 3 Hour sessions include Everything; Lymphatic Drainage, Thai Stretching and Nude Body to Body.

What is a Yoni Massage?
If you have researched Tantra at all I sure you have come across Yoni massage. There are two kinds of Yoni massages (Yoni is a Sanskrit word that translates into Sacred Space or Devine Space referring to a woman’s vagina). The first is a Yoni Healing Massage and the purpose is to release any emotions, trauma, blockages or negative energy of any kind. All muscle and tissue in the body can hold memory, emotions and trauma causing blockages. These blockages can lead to lack of sensation, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, infertility, and even cancer. Also certain areas hold certain emotions. The clitoris can hold nervous energy, distrust, impatience and clenching. Vaginal lips can hold fear of opening up, shame and a desire to hide. The perineum may deal with a difficulty of letting go or numbness. Then the G-spot (female prostate) may hold blocked energy from faking orgasm, performance anxiety or feeling inadequate, while the vaginal canal can hold anger, neediness or trauma from childbirth, abortions or miscarriages. All of these blockages can contribute to less feeling of pleasure and even affect our everyday lives. Blockages in the Root Chakra can make us feel disconnected to our bodies, the earth or our lives. We may feel unbalanced, an ungrounded. It may also cause us to be fearful, especially of finances, and the unknown or change. Many suffer from depression or lack of motivation when this Chakra is blocked. A Yoni healing massage is a gentle circular massage with my fingers working gradually all around the outside and inside of the Yoni. When a numb or sore area is found light pressure is applied and you breathe deeply until the soreness goes away. This is done until every bit of the Yoni is massaged and cleared of any blockages.


The second Yoni massage is a Yoni Pleasure Massage. This massage is done to stimulate all of the tissue around and in the Yoni to heighten feelings and pleasure. This is very similar to a healing massage except the practitioner is not focused on feeling for blockages with the intent to release them. Although blockages are often released during a Yoni Pleasure Massage the purpose it to stimulate circulation and enhance sensitivity through pleasurable massage. A Yoni Pleasure Massage can make intercourse more pleasurable, help achieve orgasm more easily or allow orgasms to be more intense and last longer. Another great benefit to a Yoni Pleasure Massage is to use the Kundalini energy for healing. This is done by focusing on building the raw and powerful sexual Kundalini energy in the first two Chakras and before you orgasm setting the intent for that energy to travel through your spine and fill your entire body, especially any areas you may have discomfort or any condition you wish to heal. This practice has been very effective in healing anything in the body. A final purpose is for women to learn to be able to ejaculate if they wish. However this usually requires strong stimulation of the female prostate (G-spot) and may take a sessions depending on some factors: comfort level, blockages, fear of urinating (Many people think it is urine that is released but it is really fluid produced by the prostrate and has no urine in it), fear of letting go or releasing, and being able to relax completely.


What is an Anal Healing Massage?
There is also an anal healing massage. This can be extremely beneficial. The anus can hold a lot of emotions and tension just as the yoni can. We often hold tension in our anus even from childhood. Our first anal traumas are usually from toilet-training being taught to either “push it out” or “hold it in”. Also being spanked may have caused you to tighten your anus and left not only that tension from tightening up but the emotions associated from being punished. During times of stress especially emotional and financial we often constrict our anus and buttock. There are also many more situation and conditions that cause us to store and hold tension and blockages in our buttocks and anus. Releasing that tension and all of the blockages is one of the most powerful and quickest ways to open the root chakra, awaken the kundalini, and allow you to be open and uninhibited. Learning to receive anal stimulation can be extremely pleasurable and greatly increases vaginal sensation, opens the root chakra, and moves the kundalini energy more easily up the spine. It will also assist in all other aspects of the root chakra; not feeling grounded, feeling disconnected from your body, situations or others, financial stress and problems, sexual problems, depression, and feelings of suicide or lack of will to live. Anal stimulation is also the best way to stimulate the T-zone which greatly enhances orgasm and sexual pleasure due to the dense concentration of nerves which are related to or responsible for engorgement, the nerves that controls the Sphincter muscles of the bladder and cervix and other nerves throughout the groin. If you are not comfortable or ready for an internal anal massage we can start with light touching and massage just around and on the outside of the anus. This often enhances the sensations during a Yoni Massage and can assist with the building of Kundalini energy and take you over the peak.


The Yoni Healing Massage, Yoni Pleasure Massage, Anal Healing Massage or just Anal Stimulation can be done during a Tantric Massage. Tantric Massage sessions are only done in 90 minute or 2 Hour or 2 Hour sessions. There is not enough time to do a good full body and Yoni Massage in only a one hour session. The 90 minute session is even a stretch but could be good for your first experience. The 2 hour and 3 hour sessions are by far the most relaxing and effective sessions leaving you with an amazing healing, spiritual and pleasurable experience!

Additional Options:

Sensory Deprivation: By wearing a blind fold and sometimes head phones so your other senses are enhanced, increasing your feeling of touch, smell of Aroma Therapy and sound of sensual music. This is a great way to deep the experience and get completely lost in the moment. If you have a difficult time staying present this may be a great option for you. Head phones can also be worn to completely block out outside distraction and go even deeper. Sensory Deprivation can be added to any session with no additional cost, just simple request it.

Sensation Massage: This is a technique where you are blind folded and headphones (Sensory Deprivation) and several different items are massaged, slid, glided and ran all over your body such as feathers, furs, soft leather, fingers, finger nails, soft, firm and course objects. Nothing painful is done (unless that is something you desire and receive pleasure from) but the contrast of soft, course and different stimulation brings your complete attention to your body and being in the moment. While anticipation of what is being used or what will come next is extremely exciting and arousing. Aroma Therapy is also used during Sensation Massage and foods (such as chocolate, fresh fruit and such) may be incorporated if desired. Sensation Massage is done separate from Natrual Massage or Tantric Massage Sessions because I do not want to get oils all over the feathers, furs and such. The body is lightly dusted with corn starch (dose not clog pores) to allow for a smooth and soft glide. Sensation Play can be done in 1 hour and 90 minute sessions and the Yoni Massage could be included at the last part of the session. This could be a different and exciting change from massage.

Let us give your day a happy ending!
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